Quipu connections

Several ways to create a database connection in the open source data warehouse generator Quipu.

SQL Express
  • SQL Server configuration manager -> 
    • Protocols for SQLExpress -> TCP/IP: enabled
    • TCP/IP -> IP Adresses -> IP All -> TCP Dynamic Ports: empty
    • TCP/IP -> IP Adresses -> IP All -> TCP Port: 666
  • SQL Server management studio -> SQL Express server properties -> Security -> Server Authentication: SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode
  • Create a SQL Server authentication login on the database server and assign it to the database that will be used by the connection, e.g. login: quipu, password: quipu
  • If the database runs on the same machine as Quipu, use "localhost" as the host name. Otherwise use the remote host name
  • Do not use the instance name, e.g. using "AdventureWorks;instance=sqlexpress" as database works, but will, depending on the SQL Server version, result in an "unable to get information" error.

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Eric Mertens (Stragittus SPRL) said...

Thanks for the info, I lost a lot of time fighting to get my connection work, works like a charm with your info, thx

Stragittus SPRL